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Calving Cow Tips Videos. How to Use a Calfing Jack Correctly. Performing a Cesarean Section . Difficult Calving Videos

CMR-S1: a revolutionary milking Robot

BouMatic Robotics presents the MR-S1: a revolutionary milking robot that approaches automated milking in an entirely new way. The milking system is moreover simple and compact, so it can be easily integrated and operated. Milking from behind We are the first on the market to introduce a robotised milking system that does not milk the cow from the side, but from behind.

Milking Robot working on Irish Grazing Farms

Lely Robotic Milking Machine by Efficient Farm Solutions Lely Center Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland.


Robots Hard at Work on the Dairy Farm About 20 Minnesota dairy farms are now using robots to do their daily milking chores. One such farm is the Johnson Dairy Farm near South Haven, MN, where four high tech robots milk 220 cows every day. Learn why dairy farmers are now using robots and get a tour of how these robots efficiently get the job done!

Insentec Galaxy Starline milking robot

HQ movie of the Insentec Galaxy Starline milking robot. For more information please visit our main website:


DeLaval VMS robotic milking

The best performing Automatic Milking System (AMS). 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs) milk per day. From 4 up to 64 VMS robotic installations per farm.

Milking Robots Working in Practice

Thats Farming visits dairy farmer Rory Delaney to find out about his experiences with robotic milking machines and how he has found the transition from beef to dairy farming. Here is the link to the article

Automatic Milking: Robotic Reveloution 

An automatic milking system in action. See the full story at

Does Automatic Milking Pay?

Two dairymen discuss the upside, downside and the promise of automatic milking systems. The bottom line? It's not all about dollars and cents. Read more at