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Record Farm Worker Timesheets the Smart Way

It is a requirement for all employers to keep and maintain a wage/time, and a holiday/leave record for each of their employees. Timesheets benefit both Farmers and farm employees, both know where they stand regarding hours worked and monies due. These days when there are multiple part-time employees coming onto the farm it becomes a chore to keep track of hours worked.


There is however an APP for that. As part of the awesome Farm Manager Pro APP-an app to record all your farm details and have them in hand when you need them, the Farm worker Timesheet functionailty allows hours to be entered, works out the total payment due, allows for digital signatures from both parties, and sends copies to both part via mail. And the best part is that all this can be done on the phone all out in the yard, the field, up on the tractor without out internet connection.  


The App ensures accurate time records of the hours being worked on a farm ensure both the farmer manager and their employees have the ability to monitor that hours worked are both fair and reasonable in accordance with the employment agreement and can assist with your workforce rostering and annual leave planning.

Farm Worker Timesheet APP

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