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Farmers, Make Money By Watching Grass Grow

Grass for farmers is a cash crop like any other.  If you look after your grass pasture, manage grass growth well and you will increase yields significantly. Dairy, beef & sheep farmers all benefit from good grassland management.

In order to manage your grass effectively you have to be able to measure it. It seems crazy that for alot of farmers whose primary feed is grass that they do not look after it they same way as they look after their animals. 

Grass Measuring

Measuring and recording the forage mass of pasture fields can help make decisions during the grazing season. Measuring the fields on a regular basis can help producers see trends in forage growth and enable them to adjust their management accordingly. All measurements should be taken in the context of the operation’s goals or areas targeted for improvement.  

“What gets measured gets changed.” Most graziers can easily identify some aspect of their forage production that they would like to improve. For the time and effort that can be invested in making forage measurements it is imperative there’s an immediate benefit to the operation.

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