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Hate doing Farm Paperwork at Night???

We all know the story, you vaccinate an animal, you spread fertilizer on a paddock, you service the tractor, but the hassle of recording the details when you go in at night is a pain, It means you have another hours work to do before you can out your feet up and spend time with your loved ones.

How do you solve this? Its simple- you now have the ability to cut this wasted time out-with recording data on the go using your phone with an easy to use app that will allow you to add, update and view your farm events when every you require.

What about poor or no reception out on the farm? No problem, using the Farm Manager Pro App you can record your details out on the field, in the barn, in the farm machinary house and it will sync your details as soon as you go back into reception. 

This app has it all. Record and sign your farm employee timesheet, add all your animal details, all treatments, grass growth, crops, tractor and machinery service history, and inbuilt notifications so you can remind your self of things you need to complete. There is even a task manager so that you can project manage your farm tasks.

Try it for free, download on your phone using the links below and you will love it.. we guarantee it!