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Giving Farmers advice when looking for best of breed farm management software, pn line farming videos,Precision Farming information and best of breed farming technology solutions to allow farmers drive efficiency in their farming business.

Download the All in One Farm Manager Pro App for Free On Google Play And the App Store-Its Awesome for Farmers

Smart Farm Apps

All in one App for all your farm records, tractor management, crop management, grass management, animal database, animal treatment, fertiliser and spray compliance, staff timesheet management! No PC required - its all on your phone!

  • Farm Task Manager-Plan ahead and never miss a farm task again
  • Record all you animal Details-Date of Birth to Date of Sale
  • Record your All Treatment Purchases for Medical Compliance
  • Manage Animal Event such as Heats
  • Manage all your Field Details and notes
  • Manage your Fertiliser purchased and applied to fields
  • Manage your Lime purchased and Applied to Fields
  • Monitor Grass growth
  • Manage and record all chemical purchased and applied
  • Record all Feed Purchases
  • Record all Machinery Details and Service History
  • Record all Farm Workers Time-sheets and costs- Collect your Employees Digital Signature on each Timesheet for Sign off
  • Farming Reminders-Never Miss a Farm Event or Task Again-Set an Alarm!
  • Need to brush up your farming skillet? Use the E Learning Videos option to learn a new skill all within the Apps 

Best FarmingSoftware Packages and Farming Solutions for 2017


What is the best Farm Management Software to suit your Farm? Our IT Farming Experts have listed the best for this Farm Management Packages for you to choice the optimum Farm Software Solution for your Farming Enterprise.     


Best Farming Apps for Iphone, Ipad, Android 2017

There are plenty of quality farm management apps at farmers disposal for their Androids, iPads, iPhones and more. We have reviewed best the best farming apps available and sorted these for farms convenience. 



Best Farming Computer Hardware Devices 


Having trouble with choosing the best computer devices that are suitable for farm conditions? Need advice from FarmingIT experts on the latest farming technology? View our list of the best farming Computers for your farm enterprise.


Best of On Line Farming Videos  Allowing Farmers to Up Skill for free

We have made available a free to access on line portal of farming videos that will be topical and keep new or experienced farms abreast of farming techniques and farming skills and exciting new farming technologies.

Latest and best Precision Farming Technologies 


Precision farming is raising modern agriculture practices to a new level. It includes a range of systems designed to provide differentiated, targeted management of agricultural land and incorporate GPS information and drones. Here Farmers can keep up to date with the latest Precision Farming Technologies and break throughs in this exciting farming area.